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The Association of the Alumni of the von Karman Institute was officially founded in 2008. Its headquarters are located at the same address as the VKI, and its website is hosted on the VKI servers. The Association presently regroups a little less than 500 persons having followed the VKI Diploma Course (until 2009) or the VKI Research Master (from 2010 on), as well as other persons having been for at least 9 months either Doctoral Candidates, or Post-Docs, or ARO’s, as well as Faculty members or Visiting Professors.

The aims of the Association are described in its Statutes, and are to promote exchange of information among Alumni and between Alumni and the VKI, to coordinate the organization of events of common interest and to perform actions favouring the further innovative development of VKI and enhancing its visibility. This is achieved through the present website, by editing a periodic Alumni Newsletter, by organizing social or professional meetings, by maintaining the Alumni Directory, by aiding the mobility of VKI students, doctoral candidates and research engineers through specific grants and by creating an Alumni Help Network.

There are two categories of members of the VKI-AA: Free Members, who do not pay any annual fee, and Full Members, who pay an annual fee of 50 € to contribute to the funding activities of the Association, for the benefit of the VKI students, either RM students or PhD candidates. Free and Full members of the association have access to specific private pages of this website, those accessible by Full Members providing more information as indicated on the menus at the left of this screen.

We are happy to announce that the von Karman Institute will celebrate its 65th anniversary on 17 and 18 December 2021. The VKI alumni are warmly  invited to attend this two-days events.

Invitation to the 65th anniversary of the von Karman Institute

On Friday December 17th and Saturday December 18th, 2021, the von Karman Institute will organize a ceremony for the celebration of its 65th anniversary. In view of the transformation brought by technology, by digitalization, by advances in Fluids Dynamics, by climate change and the pandemic, celebrating together with you, by memorizing the VKI history and tradition and looking forward into the future, we expect a heartful and inspiring time. The Friday 17th will be devoted to the general assembly and the scientific session concluded by a cocktail and the traditional alumni dinner. On Saturday 18th you will visit the labs with our faculty members and engineers and discover the last experiments performed at VKI.

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Invitation to the 65th Anniversary of the von Karman Institute: 17-18 December 2021
1 October 2021

Invitation to the 65th Anniversary of the von Karman Institute: 17-18 December 2021

Dear alumni, Dear friends, On Friday December 17th and Saturday December 18th, 2021, ...
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