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Qualification for membership

The membership of the Alumni Association is not restricted to graduates of the VKI Diploma course. Members of the Advanced Training Program in fundamental or applied research, the PhD program, and the Post-Doctoral program, and former faculty members and visiting faculty members are invited to join the Alumni Association as well, provided that they have spent at least 9 months in residence at the VKI.

How can I become a member of the Association?

Send your application to debeer@vki.ac.be. You will receive a USERNAME/LOGIN and PASSWORD. This will give you access to your personal data sheet as registered in the VKI mailing list.

  1. View and  update you coordinates and tick all the subjects in the fields
  2. Then indicate to which category of membership you wish to adhere:
  •  Level 1: all members (free membership), see VKI-AA Free Members
  •  Level 2: full member (paying membership), see VKI-AA Full Members

Why 2 levels of membership?

Level 1: The motto for level 1 is “Keep in Touch”. Its purpose is to attract the maximum number of Alumni into the association to maintain and/or renew relationships between alumni and alumni and VKI.

The three main keys for keeping in touch are:

  • continuous information about activities of the Alumni Association and  VKI
  • a periodic newsletter
  • contact an Alumnus

Level 2 is more ambitious with a strong professional aspect. Use the Alumni association as an LES network : Learning,  Exchanging and Sharing of professional experience and knowledge.!

    The main vehicles for a  successful and rewarding LES network are:

  • a searchable Alumni data base
  • an interactive forum for establishing interest groups
  • a platform for job offers

The fee for the full membership is 50 euro per year.

 NOTE: 50% discount is offered to all PhD candidates and all students (PhD and DC) for their first year after graduation.