Von Karman Institute Akumni Association Logo


The aim of the association is to promote the exchange of information among Alumni and between Alumni and the von Karman Institute, coordinate the organization of events of common interest and perform actions favouring the further innovative development of VKI and enhancing its visibility by strengthening the links between VKI and the Association ; establishing close relations with selected universities, research organizations, research sponsoring industries and governmental agencies. These aims are to be achieved by:

  1. Establishing a secure web-based collaborative infrastructure
  2. Editing a periodical News Letter (see later)
  3. Organising national and international social and/or professional  meetings to strengthen the links between the members and enhance the visibility of VKI.
  4. Contributing to the maintenance and updating of the Alumni Directory.
  5. Aiding the mobility of scientists and research engineers; opportunities will be made available through the web portal and gathered into a database.
  6. Assistance and support in finding and providing funds and/or fellowships for VKI researchers and professors visiting selected universities and research organisations and for foreign visiting scientists and professors coming to VKI.
  7. Creating and maintaining a network of key partner industries having common technological interests with VKI; Alumni involved in such industries shall promote the activities of VKI; job fairs will be organised between VKI and the network of partner industries, granting early visibility of the freshly graduated Diploma Course students and PhD students.