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Word from the President

Lopez Pena

Fernando Lopez Pena, DC 1987
Professor Universidade da Coruña, Spain

As you already know, a new Executive Committee has been elected in the last meeting of the Association Board. I am honoured to head this Committee and thus to have the opportunity to serve our von Karman Institute Alumni Association for the next three years as president.

The von Karman Alumni Association is still very young. The project of the Association was launched at the celebration of the VKI 50th anniversary in 2006 and it took about two years for a bunch of enthusiastic alumni to set up the Association, including the publication of the statutes in February 2008, the first election of the international board members by the national chapters during the spring of 2008, and the election of the first Executive Committee during the first Board Meeting in June 2008. That Board Meeting is the milestone that somehow has been stated by Claus Sieverding as the birth of the child in the words that he addressed to us in the first issue of the Newsletter in October 2009.

Once the VKI Alumni Association was initially set up, the efforts of the Executive Committee and Board members focussed on filling the Association with the appropriate contents and tools that could make it work and worthwhile. The main actions, taken during the six years that have passed since then, have been the set-up of our website, the launch of the Newsletter, and the establishment of some permanent actions in favour of the DC and PhD students that, by the way, have been very successful. In addition to this, all the mechanisms introduced in the statutes for electing, re-electing, or renewing our Association representatives have been put into practice. The last of these mechanisms has been the election of a new president once our first president, Claus Sieverding, could not be re-elected again after he had already been re-elected once. Therefore, the VKI-AA can be seen today as a legally established international association that is fully functional and is working towards their objectives. In view of these facts, we can say now that our young Association has already come of age.

I would like to take this occasion to thank and congratulate all of you, fellow alumni, that have make this possible. In particular I want to thank the members of the past Executive Committee for your efforts and encouragement, also thank all the present and past Board members for your enthusiasm and collaboration, and thank the editors and collaborators of the Newsletter for your dedication and wonderful work. I also want to thank all the alumni that have participated in the Association activities at any level, by voting at the elections, by sending suggestions, or merely by becoming members of the VKI Alumni Association. All of you have produced a positive impact at our Association.

The VKI Alumni Association is still at the beginning of a long road and thus I would like to encourage you to continue with your collaboration and help which will be always needed for keeping the Association alive and growing. I want to make a special mention and send my appreciation to the VKI Alumni Association full members; it is your support that has made this feasible and it will make possible the future achievements of the Association. With this support the Board and the Executive Committee are working now on new actions aiming to increase the membership and to favour the activities of the VKI students.