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Title II- Members

Article 5.  Quality of Members

The following are eligible for becoming members of the Association:

  • All former VKI students having taken part for a period of at least 9 months in one of the VKI post-graduate teaching programs, i.e. Diploma Course advanced training program in fundamental or applied research, PhD program and post-doctoral program.
  • Former faculty members as well as visiting faculty members having spent at least a period of 9 months at the VKI.
  • The title of Honorary Member may be granted by the Board to persons who have rendered outstanding services to the Association. Honorary Members may take part in the board meetings, however with a consultative vote only.

The terms of eligibility may be redefined by the Board of the Association. Any change requires the approval of 2/3 of voting Board members.

Article 6.  Admission, Resignation and Exclusion

The request for membership must be addressed in writing to the Seat of the Association. The admission becomes effective after approval by the Executive Board.
In case of actions that contravene the Aims or the Statutes of the Association any member of the Association can be excluded by the Board on the prior advice of the Executive Board. The proposal of exclusion of the member is explicitly mentioned on the agenda of the Board. Any member, whose exclusion is being considered, is formally notified two months prior to any action and is given the opportunity to give a written defence. The decision of exclusion is adopted by a two third's majority of the votes cast by the members present or represented at the board meeting.
The members of the Association can resign by written notification to the President of the Association. Any individual ceasing to be a member of the Association will have no claim on reimbursement of its membership fee.

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