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Title IV - Membership fee and donation

Membership Fee and Donation

Article 16.

To cover costs related to the functioning of the Association, the editing of the News Letter, the organization of meetings and events or any other action supporting the Aims of the Association, the members are required to pay an annual membership fee. The membership fee is fixed by the Board, acting on prior advice from the Executive Board. The first membership fee payment is due following the notification of the related decisions taken by the Board to all members.   

Donations are, by default, reserved for the Association aims, as determined by the Board. However, the Board may also decide to attribute these donations partially or fully to particular support actions for the VKI such as the establishment of a fund for fellowships and for a scientist exchange program between VKI and selected universities and research organizations (see Art. 3.2.6). Besides, the sponsors may also decide on the specific use of their donations.

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