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Title V - Amendment of statutes, Dissolution, Liquidation

Article 17. Conditions of amendments of statutes and of dissolution-liquidation

Without prejudice of Articles 50 §3, 51 §2 and 3, 55 and 56 of the law on Non-Profit Associations, International Non-Profit Associations and Foundations, any proposal aiming at an amendment of the statutes or at the dissolution of the Association shall be considered first by the Executive Board which will then communicate its recommendations to the Board.

In the case of the proposal of the dissolution of the Association the Board has to submit the proposal for a vote to all members of the Association. The vote will be done by e-mail.
To deliberate validly on the proposal requires a quorum of 2/3 of the votes of the members of the Association. No decision will be taken if it is not voted by a majority of 4/5 of the voting members.
In case the quorum of 2/3 is not reached, within three months and, at the earliest, in the month following the date fixed for the first vote, the Board will re-submit the proposal to all the members of the Association and deliberate definitely and validly on the proposal, on the basis of 4/5 of the voting members, whatever the number of members taking part in the vote.
The amendments to the statutes become effective only after having accomplished the formalities required by Article 50§3 of the law and after publication in the “Annexes du Moniteur belge” according to Art. 51§3 of the above mentioned law.
Upon proposal of the Executive Board, the Board decides the manner according to which the Association will be dissolved.

The Board decides on the attribution of possibly remaining net assets of the Association after dissolution.

The net assets of the Association left after dissolution will be assigned to a private law corporate body pursuing similar non-profit aims or, in absence, in a disinterested manner.

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