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Title VI, VII, VIII - Representation, finances, final disposition

TITEL VI – Representation

Article 18. Representation of the Association

All acts binding the Association, unless special powers of attorney are granted, shall be signed by the President or the Treasurer who will not be obliged to prove their power of attorney to third parties.
All legal actions, whether the Association acts as plaintiff or as defendant, are proceeded with by the agents of the Board, represented by its President or Secretary or a Board member appointed for that purpose.

TITEL VII - Financial Year and Accounts

Article 19. Budget and Accounts

The financial year begins on January first and ends on December thirty-one.

As required by Article 53 of the law, each year, the annual accounts of the past financial year as well as the budget for the coming financial year are drawn up by the Executive Committee and submitted for approval to the Board .

TITLE VIII.  Final and/or Transitory Dispositions

Article 20

Anything not foreseen by the present constitution and all the promulgations to be made in the "Annexes du Moniteur belge" will be carried out according to the legal provisions of Title III of the Belgian law of 27th of June 1921 on Non-Profit Associations, International Non-Profit Associations and Foundations.

Article 21

The applicants take unanimously the following decisions which will only be implemented as from the date of the registration of the abstract of the constitutive act at the competent “Greffe du Tribunal Civil”, when the Association will acquire the status of corporate body.

  1. First financial year
    The first financial year will start on the day of the deposit and will end on December thirty-one, 2008
  2. First ordinary general assembly
    The first ordinary general assembly will gather in two thousand nine.
  3. Commissioners
    The applicants decide not to appoint a Commissioner.
  4. Powers
    The applicants empower Maître Philippe VERNIMMEN, at Rhode-St-Genèse, to sign the request which will be addressed to the Minister of Justice, in order to be granted legal entity.

The expenses incumbent on the Association owing to this constitution amount to about one thousand five hundred Euros (1500 €), publication costs included, to be increased by 25 € per proxy.

In accordance with Art.11 of the law of Ventôse, the instrumenting notary certifies the name, first name and domicile of the individual entities on the base of their identity card or their passport.

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